Ukrainian Fashion Week was held for the first time in November 1997. It became the first professional fashion event in Eastern Europe. It is a unique event in Ukraine that corresponds entirely to the world standards for prêt-a-porter shows, takes place twice a year, gathers more than 40 participants, accredits more than 150 Ukrainian and international mass media and is attended by over 25000 guests every time.

Ukrainian Fashion Week is the only officially recognized Prêt-a-Porter Week in Ukraine that occupies an honorable place in international fashion industry.

I worked there for almost two years and was actively involved in creative work both for the event itself and for the number of side projects such as «Сезони Моди» (“Fashion Seasons”) magazine, Trade Mark Défilé fashion show and annual Holiday Fashion Week held in Odessa. Always in very friendly working atmosphere, team built of strong professionals and much fun beyond all work. It was a valuable experience and I would like to thank all my friends there for unforgettable professional and personal moments.

Впервые Ukrainian Fashion Week (Украинская Неделя Моды) была проведена в ноябре 1997 года и стала первым профессиональным фешн-событием на территории Восточной Европы. Этот уникальный для Украины проект, который целиком и полностью соответствует мировым стандартам показов prêt-a-porter, проходит дважды в год, собирая более 40 участников и привлекая более 150 украинских и зарубежных СМИ и более 25000 гостей.

Ukrainian Fashion Week – это единственная официально признанная в Украине Неделя prêt-a-porter, которая заняла достойное место на просторах международной фешн-индустрии.